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BTC Center, Inc. (BTCC) is a non-profit community resource located in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh. BTCC supports the residents in Homewood and the surrounding communities through programming and services designed to improve the quality of life and build equitable, sustainable, and resilient communities. 


Our mission is to help BUILD THE COMMUNITY by addressing food insecurity, public health, and safety

issues that are the result of health and social disparities and other identified needs of disadvantaged communities.



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 BTC Center Food Pantry

Initially, the BTC Center Food Pantry only served the Homewood community. As the community and city needs grew, we grew to meet the needs of our neighbors and surrounding communities. With our expansion, we now serve approximately 200 people monthly, from Homewood and the Greater Pittsburgh area. This includes families/children, individuals, and seniors. Some of our recipients don’t have cars, so they bring their carts or buggies to pick up their food. On occasion, a few of our regular seniors in need, have not been able to come for the distribution and we delivered to them.

The BTC Center Food Pantry is the fourth Saturday of every month from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM at 7239-7241 Race Street, Pittsburgh, Pa 15208.

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Planted in Homewood

The open lot at the corner of Race and Sterrett Streets adjacent to Baptist Temple Church has already gone through a visioning exercise that reimagined it as an ecological garden that will serve the neighborhood with a passive-meditative green space. Grounded helped to brainstorm opportunities for increasing ecological greening and educational opportunities within the existing design. A cost estimate of the construction was also included.

"Grace is not the absence of the struggle; it is the presence of protection."
- Sarah Jakes Roberts

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